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Oil Mod

The premature cam wear that plagued early SabMags can be prevented by modifying the engine oiling system to supply more oil to the valve train. There are a variety of ways to do a 'Oil Mod'. It's recommended that you verify the oil pressure after doing any oil mod, since a few instances of low oil pressure after a mod are reported. (See Oil: Checking Pressure)

Why not just tee off of the oil pressure switch? Other list members have made pressure measurements at this engine point and have concluded that the pressure and volume is not sufficient to solve the oiling problem.


Dave Dodge offered both a filter adapter and drill/tap styles of oil mods. It is unknown if he still does.

As of June 2013, Dale Walker is still offering his Holeshot V-4 Honda Top End Oiling Kit.

Tony Donisi's Oil Mod

An oil mod that essentially duplicates the Honda Racing modification, which used AN-3 line, is described in Tony Donisi's modification. Read the attached text file, and see the attached diagram, for details.

Tony also describes how to add an oil pressure gauge.

Brian Sydness's Oil Mod

"I decided to use the main oil galley method and steel brake line. I wanted a permanent installation that looked like a factory mod. My expenses were greater than others, mostly due to the additional tools required."

Bob Sunley's Oil Mod

"I decided to do the Landry/Schoeb full tubing mod as done by Brian Sydness. See my web page for details."

Dave Berkey's Oil Mod Kit

Dale Walker's Holeshot has apparently stopped selling this kit. It's unknown if Dave is still making it.

Whole Lotta Mods

See: SagMag.org: Oil Mods