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Turn Signal Flasher

Most universal automobile turn signal relays can be used in place of the OEM one. You may have to change/add the appropriate connectors.


85-86 V65 Magna / 84-85 V65 Sabre

1. http://webpages.charter.net/bpeloquin/V65_flasher.html

EF35_Flasher.jpg Flasher_Pill_Bottle.jpg

2. Tridon/Stant EP35

83-84 V65 Magna

1. All two prong 552/536 flashers should work ('bout $2.50)

2. (Diode not included in picture of home-made flasher)

schematic.jpg flasher.JPG

Additional Info:


All two prong 552/536 flashers should work ('bout $2.50)


If you switch to LED turn signals, you don't have to buy a "load equalizer". Just replace the original thermal turn signal relay with a universal "electronic" one found at most automobile parts stores (about $8). The only issue is that you lose the "fast-signal" that notifies you if one of your turn signals is not working. But it shouldn't matter as you do a "walk-around" check on the bike before every ride - right?