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Solenoid Cleaning

Try this before replacing the solenoid. (Courtesy of "The Dutchy")

Remove the fuse cover which snaps at the corner around the relay:


Remove the fuse blade screws and plates:


Remove the nuts screwed on each terminal:


If you take a closer look at the metal casing, it is "dented" in three spots. Pry these dents open towards the outside of the casing. A small screwdriver from a watch repair set comes in handy:


If you opened up these dents, the plastic top cover should come out with a little help:


Here's the end result...watch out for those "V" shaped o-rings on each terminal. They're needed to keep the inside nearly water resistant. Also align the coil correctly to the two contacts on the plastic top:


In most cases, these contacts are burnt in a bit. Cleaning the contacts and raising the terminals a bit might save you from buying a new starter relay:

Back together is the other way around ...