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Sabre Instrument Wiring

As reported from one SabMag list member: There is a small circuit board inside the instrument panel. It is about 2 inches by 2 inches [ 5cm by 5 cm ] in size. There are 4 wires going to that circuit board with the following colors:

There are two others wires associated with the CLOCK circuit. They are located in the plastic housing near the Clutch and choke actuator. The Sabre has a feature called Elapsed Time Clock. It can be used for timing how long it takes to get from point A to point B. For example: from mile marker 1 to mile marker 2. A switch at this housing controls whether you are in CLOCK MODE or Elapsed Time Mode. This select-switch has 3 wires going to it:

I have a VF750S UK [ United Kingdom ] Model , Colorized Wiring Schematic. It is hard to decipher the Power wires that you need identified. There appear to be a few that go into the instrument cluster and the related CLOCK circuit board ...

EXAMPLES: Black / Brown is a Black wire with a brown stripe

Yellow / Red is a Yellow wire with a red stripe

Red / Yellow is a Red wire with a yellow stripe

BEFORE going into the Instrument Cluster again; you may want to check the wiring in the small electrical panel between the handlebars.