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Rear Running Lights

Method 1

At an auto supply store, obtain turn signal sockets that are built for running lights, like the ones that come on the front of your bike. The socket is the part that actually holds the bulb. It will have 3 wires: ground, running light, and signal light. Remove the rear 2 wire sockets and install the 3 wire sockets. Connect the ground and turn signal wires to the existing corresponding wires. Connect the running light wire to the same power source as the front running lights. Install 1034 dual filament bulbs. Viola, rear running lights.

Method 2

Purchase another set of front turn signals and install them in the rear. Run a wire from the front left (always on) turn signal wire to the rear left turn signal. Repeat for the right turn signal. Hook up all three wires on your new rear turn signals and away you go!