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All SabMags use the same Honda thermostat but have slightly different housings.

Stant thermostat numbers (some pkgs have one, the other, or both)

The 160 and 180 are found on a 1971 Toyota Celica. The 180 and 195 are also found on the 1983 Honda Accord.

Drill a 1/16 hole in the flange so a little water will seep through when it's cold and it will open properly.

Some lots of these thermostats have a high shoulder that will hit the temperature sender unit. A Dremel will fix it.

The upper thermostat housing on Interceptors appears to be a tad shorter than that of Sabres and won't seal properly. A gasket made from a manila folder fixes the clearance problem.

Advice from Dave Dodge: The lowest thermostat temp to ever use in a V4 is 180 (stock is 185-190). Using a colder thermostat does not allow the engine to maintain enough heat to burn efficiently, and will lead to excess carbon build-up. Many might try using a cooler thermostat to try and keep an overheating bike cooler, and this does not work because the radiator does not have enough time to cool in the radiator. On the same note, if the radiator needs cleaning there is no cooling efficiency.