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Choke Relocation

If you have a Master Cylinder without a choke lever, you may need to relocate your choke. Source: universal choke cable from Chief Auto Supplies.

  1. You will have to ensure that about 4" of the choke cable is solid so the stock choke clamp can clamp onto something.
  2. Cut the outside part of the cable to fit. (hint: remove inside wire first)
  3. Cut the inside wire to fit bearing in mind you will use a pair of needle nose pliers to form a loop to fasten onto the choke linkage.
  4. Before mounting, slightly crimp/bend the solid choke tube so the wire will have some resistance. Otherwise, the tension from the choke linkage will cause the cable to slide back in. This is a trial and error procedure
  5. Mount the new choke in the stock mounting location. If you bent the choke tube, position it so the tube is away from the carb cover.

I painted mine black because the push handle was starting to corrode. Black caliper paint works great.

ChokeMod2.jpg ChokeMod1.jpg